The Breed’s Video Log

Pop Song – Here’s the Breed with their tribute to all those great pop songs from the past. The title says it all……It’s called “Pop Song”.

Dark & Narrow Places – The Breed takes you to the Dark & Narrow Places of your mind with their latest song called “Dark & Narrow Places”.

Keep You Satisfied – The Breed will keep you satisfied with their latest offering called “Keep You Satisfied”. It was great to collaborate with Martin Davies in writing this one.

Nothing Left For You – Don’t ever say there’s nothing left for you, because here’s the latest song from the Breed called “Nothing Left For You”.

Stop Talking – The Breed want you to stop talking and listen to their latest song called “Stop Talking”

Christmas Time Has Come – The Breed wish everyone a Merry Christmas and invite you all to celebrate Christmas with their tribute to Christmas time. The track “Christmas Time Has Come” is available as a free download

You Won’t See Me – The Breed make the 60’s sound their own. In any performance, you’ll find them doing a Beatles song or two. What better way to be sent back in time to when it was fab, than listen to The Breed performing the Beatles song “You Won’t See Me” with a little visual help from The Rock Band Beatles.

Take It Easy – The Breed invite you to view their take on the current Energy Crisis in Tasmania. The Minister for Energy, Matthew Groom, says there is nothing to worry about, but what happens if the lights do go out in Hobart? Here’s The Breed with “Take It Easy”.

A Bad Girl – The Breed are back for your next dose of retro goodness with a song all about a very strange girl, and what she gets up to late at night. Here’s the Breed with “A Bad Girl”

The Medium – Can a lost love be brought back from the otherside? Here’s a song about it from The Breed called “The Medium”. A big thanks to Martin Davies for bass guitar on this track.

Faded Rainbows – What is at the end of a Faded Rainbow? Listen and find out. Here’s The Breed with a song called “Faded Rainbows”

Sweet Sweet Love – The Breed have slowed the tempo with this song, and they want to share the love! A big thanks to Martin Davies for the bass and backing vocals. Here’s the Breed with “Sweet Sweet Love”.

Go Away Girl – The Breed have gone a bit psychedelic with their latest song, and they want you go away and watch it again and again! A big thanks to Martin Davies for the bass and backing vocals. Here’s the Breed with “Go Away Girl”.

Break Up – Here’s The Breed with a song called “Break Up”. According to them, the best way to do it is to walk down the street singing about it!

We’re Through – The Breed have been down at Retro Phil’s saying “We’re Through”, but luckily they were only singing their latest song called “We’re Through”.

Living in the 60s – The Breed are living in the 60s (From the video, guitarist/singer, Wayne is at any rate). Here’s the latest retro goodness from The Breed called “Living in the 60s”

Can’t You See – What do you do when you are on holiday? Well if you are in the Breed, you make a video of course. Here’s the The Breed with a song called “Can’t You See”. The Breed would like to thank Martin Davies from The Shakers (resident band at The Cavern in Liverpool) for playing bass on this song and also providing an extra voice for the backing vocals.

Treat You Right – The Breed are going to treat you right, with their latest song called “Treat You Right”. Unfortunately due to other commitments, the Breed weren’t available to appear in the video, but they were able to get a famous 60s comic book band, who shall remain anonymous to help out with the video for this piece of bubblegum pop music.

Play My Game – The Breed invite you to play their game and watch their new video clip called “Play My Game”

Franklin Square – The Breed just can’t keep out of Franklin Square. In fact they like it so much, they had to sing about it. So here they are with their latest song, called “Franklin Square”

Cloud Nine Girl – When you’re in love you’re on Cloud Nine. The Breed are back with some retro goodness with their latest song about that feeling called “Cloud Nine Girl”

I Think We’re Alone Now – The Breed at Louise’s Birthday Party, playing their version of “I Think We’re Alone Now”. Only a minute of footage was recorded on an i-phone, but by using some stills and a bit of editing of the original footage, a video of the complete song has been assembled to capture the fun of the night.

The City – Here’s the Breed with their song called “The City”. It’s the opening track from their CD “That Life”. You know you deserve to have “That Life”, so to find out how to order your copy click here.

The Radio Told Me – Here’s the Breed with a song called “The Radio Told Me”. It’s taken from their CD “That Life”. You know you deserve to have “That Life”, so why not order a copy.

The Prisoner – More retro goodness from The Breed with their take on the 60s TV Classic – “The Prisoner”.

The Kids Are Alright – The Breed caught in action at the New Sydney Hotel performing the Who classic “The Kids Are Alright”.

It’s Summer – The Breed are back with another 60s inspired track. This time they pay homage to the early Beach Boys sound with a slightly tongue in cheek song called “It’s Summer”. A perfect example of another dose of retro goodness from downunder that will appear on their new CD titled “That Life”.

Mary Mary – a track from the Breed’s forthcoming CD release tentatively titled “That Life”. Your mind will go round in circles with this retro goodness from downunder.

Silence – The Breed at the Taste of Tasmania performing the song “Silence”. We only has a fixed camera at the side of the stage to capture the event, but with a bit of editing, have managed to capture the excitement of the event.

Made of Stone – The Breed performing “Made of Stone” at the Taste of Tasmania, captured with a fixed camera at the side of the stage. Sometimes life isnt black and white, it’s black and red!

I’ll Get You – Being a band heavily influenced by the sixties, we have to do a Beatles song now and then. So here it is; the Breed performing “Ill Get You” at the Cavern (Well not quite)

Heart Full Of Soul – The Breed answer the question : Do robots have a Heart or a Soul?

Promotional Videos of selected songs from the “REGENERATION” CD

The Clothes She Wears

It’s Your Love Song

The Inner City Crowd

The original lineup of the Breed featuring Wayne Crisp (Guitar), Steve Jay (Bass) and John Holmes (Drums).

Don’t Look Back – Goulburn Arms Hotel on 9th July 1995

I Can’t Talk To You – Goulburn Arms Hotel on 9th July 1995

You Stole My Love – Hobart Sheraton Hotel – 26th to 27th February 1994

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