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If you remember the 60s, or you missed out because you were too young, but you still love the sound, then the Breed is the band for you. They play a unique blend of 60s pop / rock, merseybeat, mod, R&B and power-pop.

The Breed have been recreating the sounds, fun and excitement of groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Monkees and The Hollies to enthusiastic audiences across the state. This entertaining and authentic group has an exciting rawness that was prevalent at live shows of the era. A night with The Breed appeals to audiences of all ages from Generation Y through to the Baby Boomers.

With a wealth of musical experience both locally and individually overseas, their energetic sound has seen them playing at various venues and private functions throughout Tasmania. The Breed have a reputation as the ultimate 60s party band, specialising in 60s theme nights. Their song line-up has something for everybody, and the Breed will give you a fun-filled night offering a great time for everyone!

The Breed – Mark 5

The current line up of the Breed consists of Wayne Crisp (Guitar), Kenny White (Drums)and Rodney Garlick (Bass).


Wayne is the founding member and leader of The Breed. He has played guitar all his life and loves the whole mid 60s pop culture. He has an LP collection that would require a semi-trailer to move (almost!). His energy on stage, and rhythm-lead playing style, enables him to carry off a full sound. As the lead singer, his vocal style is in keeping with the 60s influences, but carries a modern flavour equally as well.


Kenny is originally from the UK where he played drums with prog rock band Clear Blue Sky. He is a drummer’s drummer, and has brought a true authenticity to the beat of the Breed. His solid backbeat has lifted their sound to the next level. Since immigrating to Tasmania, in 2006 he has has helped his wife and partner Kim build the Richmond Valley Riding School (which, incidentally, was never purpose built, it just evolved!) to a unique equine experience.

Rodney 1

Rodney has played bass in a number of Hobart bands over the years. He has a passion for pop and rock music of the 60s and 70s and blues.

The Breed – Mark 4

The fourth line up of the Breed featured Wayne Crisp (Guitar), Dan Graver (Bass) and Kenny White (Drums).

Here’s a picture of the fourth line up of the Breed taken at the shooting of their promotional video for the song “We’re Through” .

We're Through 5

and here’s the video….

The Breed – Mark 3

The Breed - Mark 3

The third line up of the Breed featured Wayne Crisp (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Steve Bowden (Drums/Vocals) and Dan Graver (Bass/Vocals)

The Breed continued to build on the momentum of the previous line up and performed at various venues around the state, until Steve decided he no longer wished to continue playing with Breed and left to pursue projects of his own.


Here is a promotional video of the Breed performing “Mary Mary” a track from their That Life CD release.

The Breed – Mark 2

The Breed - Mark 2

The second line up of the Breed featured Wayne Crisp (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Steve “B&Massa” Jay (Bass/Vocals) and Steve Bowden (Drums/Vocals). They appeared at various venues around Tasmania, even venturing to Melbourne and performing at the gothic venue “Monsalvat”.

In 2006 the Breed released their debut CD titled “REGENERATION” which received positive feedback from both the UK and the US. They were also one of the featured bands at Hobart’s “Taste of Tasmania” summer festival in 2007.

This line up played until 2009, when Steve Jay moved to Melbourne. Steve Jay will always be a part of The Breed and will be remembered for being a punk Peter Pan, who refuses to grow up. He was never one to keep still on stage, and was always coming up with unique ideas to compliment the Breed’s stage show – the exploding Bass Amp and the Confetti Cannon are just two that come to mind.

The following video captures the Breed at the Taste of Tasmania performing the song “Silence”.

With their love of the 60s, the Breed always do a few classic 60s covers. The following is their version of the Who’s “The Kids Are Alright” recorded live at ABC Hobart’s Studio 701 in 2007.

The Breed – Mark 1

The Original Breed

The original line up of the Breed featured Wayne Crisp (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Steve “B&Massa” Jay (Bass/Vocals) and John Holmes (Drums). This line up played mainly in and around Hobart until 1996. They appeared regularly at venues such as the Wheatsheaf Hotel and the Goulburn Arms Hotel. They were also the featured band at the Music & Memorabilia Expo ’94 at the Hobart Sheraton Hotel.

The video below captures the original line up of the Breed performing “I Can’t Talk To You” at the Goulburn Arms Hotel on 9th July 1995

The following is an unreleased recording of the 60s Punk Classic “Ain’t No Miracle Worker” made by the original Breed line up in 1995.




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